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MAR 2023 P NATION Center Audition

작성일 2023.03.01





MAR 2023 P NATION Center Audition


In compliance with the COVID-19 containment measures, we are taking pre-registrations only.

As a result, we will not accept on-site registration on the day of the auditions. Please understand that those who do not register in advance within the deadline will not be able to audition.

*Please attach a photo without filter/correction for accurate identification.


1. Category


* Vocal, rap, acting (You can only choose one category.)

* Dance

(Applicants can also freely choose to dance to a song provided by the company on-site.)


2. Eligibility


* Any nationality and gender / Born between 2004 and 2013 inclusive


3. Pre-registration


* Registration Period: From 1pm on MAR 1st to 6pm on MAR 10th (200 applicants in order of application)

* Registration Method:

1) Register through the QR code on the last page

2) Applicants who have completed the registration will be notified of their participant number, time, and location of the audition via e-mail


4. Audition Date


* Sunday, MAR 12th

(The center auditions are scheduled to be held on the second Sunday of every month. 

Any change in the schedule will be announced via e-mail.)


5. Audition Content


* Vocal / Rap: Song of your choice within 1 minute (Without instruments or accompaniment)

* Acting: movements within 1 minute (Without props)


6. Notice and Inquiries regarding the audition


* E-mail:

* KakaoTalk Channel: pnationaudition






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